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Massaguaçú Praia do Capricórnio Beach Praia Brava
A reasonably clean beach with coarse sands and the surf breaking close to the shore with strong "open sea" waves.

About 4 kilometers long it shares with the Massaguaçú beach one of the longest almost continuous shorelines in Caraguá.

The beach is well suited for angling.
In its south corner this beach holds its greatest secret: the Blue Lagoon, at the mouth of the Jetuba river.

The white sand dunes contrast sharply with the sky and give the place its name. The concave grounds form a paradisical place along the river.

Praia do Capricórnio
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Rio Capricornio     Praia do Capricórnio     Lagoa Azul - Capricórnio

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