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Welcome to the Northern Shores of São Paulo
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Caraguá Virtual Tour in Caraguatatuba Tabatinga

- Recommended for toddlers, children and boating activities
Tamanduá Island - Great for angling, diving and ecologic hiking
Mocóca - An environment with an almost original wild flora and calm and cristal clear waters
Cocanha - A full infrastructure waits for the visitors of this paradise
Massaguaçu - From its extensive sands a great part of Ilhabela can be appreciated
Capricórnio - A beach with sharply dropping waterline that reserves a surprise in its corner
Brava - A paradise for nature lovers
Martim de Sá - The best serviced beach of the area. "The " point for day and night "action"
Prainha - Frequented by an agreeable crowd and clear waters, are its highlights
Pedra do Jacaré - (Alligator's Stone) An impressive rock formation sculptured by nature
Pedra da Freira - (Seen from the right angle, a nun seems to be praying to the sea
Praia do Camaroeiro - ( Shrimper's Beach) Meeting point for fishers. Very pitoresque place
Praia do Centro - Border of the Avenue of the Beach, central point of the city
Praia do Indaiá - Long strip of sand with calm and shallow waters

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