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Caraguá: Hanggliding Paradise

Like other towns in the area, Caraguá discovered the old trails of the local caiçaras. These trails can be walked under the supervision of guides. This is another attraction topping Caraguá being an excellent spot for hanggliding. "Vôo Livre Caraguá" (Free Flight Caraguá) already has hosted eliminatory stages of the Brazilian Hanggliding Championship. Sportsmen from all over the country meet in town. There are no organized groups, the flyers simply meet on the starting ramp on top of Morro de Santo Antonio, built by city hall. Due to the ramp's quality and the great number of flyers, Caraguatatuba is becoming the "Capital of Free Flight", a slogan that reinforces its touristic marketing. Its simply great to float in the air for hours over the bay of this magnificent town.


Caraguatatuba has one of the best racetracks in Brazil. Located in the neighbourhood of Poiares, it already hosted important stages of national championships.. Information about races or events can be obtained with the Office of Sports and Tourism of Caraguatatuba.

Trilha dos Tropeiros

The name means "Muledrivers Trail". Guides from the Cultural and Ecological Association Foundation (Fundação Cultural e Associação Ecologica) function as monitors on the ancient muledriver trails. Recommended for those who are phisically fit and in shape because this walk takes a whole day in the tropical forest. Information and enlistment at the Fundação Cultural de Caraguatatuba - Rua Santa Cruz, 196 - Phone (012)- 422 5700 extension 243.

Hípica Gaivota

The place offers horseback tours for groups of up to 10 persons. Trails to the Serra do Mar range and nearby waterfalls, or laps around the arenas within its facilities. The horses of several races are well cared for and tame. Access through Highway SP-55 (Caraguá - Ubatuba), 12,5 km from downtown in the direction of Ubatuba. The main gate is right in front of the Praia da Mocóca beach.

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