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The much attended Yacht Club de Ilhabela promotes every year in June the Sailing Week of Ilhabela. More than one hundred offshore yachts compete in four regattas. Sun tanned crews, beautiful girls and healthy children crowd the town filling the streets with pride and joy. For so many lovers of the sea, a dinamic infrastructure is present and able to attend the servicing needs of the sailboat fleet, promoting tours for those who don't have their own boats. Not a few hotels have schooners, offshorer cruisers or sailboats for the visitors to participate in the event.


Starting with angling the local version of small barracudas (espadas) at the downtown pier, going over to bluewater fishing with sophisticated sportfisherman yachts or catching groupers in the traditional line and hook way of the local caiçaras and their boats, lots of fish are catched in Ilhabela. The search for long nosed fishes in bluewater angling, such as the blue marlin, the great star of this sport, that can top up to one thousand pounds, attracts sportsmen from far away places. Since the marlins are a relatively rare form of species, during the competitions these brave fighters are marked and returned to the sea. Uncontrolled fishing is a menace to this species.


The Ilha das Cabras isle, the nearest island to the center of Ilhabela is located at the margin of the channel and only two kilometers south of the ferryboat's pier. Protected by municipal law as an ecologic sanctuary the bottom of the sea around the island is well suited for diving, with good visibility and easy access. One can get there by swimming only fifty meters from the Praia das Pedras Miúdas Beach. The statue of Neptun hidden under seven meters of water at the south point of the island, is the underwater meeting point for diving enthusiasts.


Trilha da Água Branca (Whitewater Trail) - The only trail with an infrastructure made by the State Park of Ilhabela. Along its path the State Park of Ilhabela installed trash bins, identification plaques of trees and resting areas with stools and tables. Easy to be walked it can be completed in about one hour and forty minutes. The tourist will find attractions like two beautiful waterfalls and natural pools. The access is done by the Castelhanos road at kilometer seven.

Trilha da Cachoeira Grande (Great Falls Trail) - This trail begins with the adventure of the trip to the Praia dos Castelhanos beach. Arriving there, facing the sea, the trail starts at the left side of the beach. One shall not walk the trail without a guide. The walk takes between 50 minutes to an hour. The degree of difficulty is considered medium due to the upward slopes, but the effort is worthwile when one arrives at the big waterfall that plunges down from a height of about 150 feet into a natural pool.

Trilha do Pico do Baepi - It takes good physical shape to endure the five-hour trip to the top of the mountain. A guide is strongly recommended. The name means "bald headed mountain" in the Tupi language, for there is no vegetation on its top. Its part of a group of five mountains of the Serraria range on the northern part of the island. The top can also be reached starting from Itaquanduba or from the Engenho D'água.

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