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Welcome to the Northern Shores of São Paulo
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Ilhabela Virtual Tour in Ilhabela The Village

The Village
- A place with a nostalgic feeling of adventures and legends of a glorious past
Igreja Matriz - (The Church) - Inaugurated in 1806, its floor,s made with marble from Spain
Garapocaia - A place that holds many secrets and legends
Pacuíba - The spot for adventure seeking youngsters
Jabaquara - Charms and tranquility that other beaches can't offer
Praia do Gato - (Cat´s beach) - A small stretch with coarse sands mixed with shells
Cachoeira do Gato (Cat´s cascade)A fall dropping waters from a height of over 150 feet
Baía dos Castelhanos - A former pirate's safehaven with a beautiful scenery
Praia dos Castelhanos - A beach with clear waters. Great for surfing and diving
Bonete - This beach has a small fishing village where time stood still for decades
Cachoeira da Lage - Natural pools and slopes to skid down are its main attraction
Praia do Curral - One of the top points on the island great little bars by the beach
Praia Grande - A beach with close breaking waves, sought after by divers
Praia do Julião - Also known as "Remanso" this beach has varied maritime scenery
Feiticeira - ("Witch") - The magic stems from a legend about a treasure hidden by a witch
Ilha das Cabras - Great diving place. A submerged statue of Neptun is a meeting point for divers
Perequê - Palm trees embellish its sands with their shadows
Itaguaçu - One of the most "In" points of the island. Bars and kiosks fuel its life
Fazenda do Engenho D'água - Built in the 18th century, it still keeps details of that era
Saco da Capela - Lovers of watersports, anglers and swimmers, all together in one place

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