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Welcome to the Northern Shores of São Paulo
Caraguatatuba Ilhabela São Sebastião Ubatuba

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  Washington de Oliveira
(a.k.a. "seo" Filhinho)

Washington de Oliveira, was born in March 30, 1906, in the city of Ubatuba, Northern Shore of the São Paulo´s State. He was formed at the School of Drugstore of Pindamonhangaba, coming back soon after to the birthplace, where, for more than fifty years, it drove the Filinhos's Drugstore, doing the doctor's times that for two decades had missed the city.

For two occasions (1936 and 1945) he occupied the Municipal City hall and it was always present to the most significant events of Ubatuba. In the literary scenery he inaugurated with the book "UBATUBA - Documentary", true collection of the Ubatuba´s history in the period understood between 1500 and 1937.

"UBATUBA - Lendas e Outras Estórias" (UBATUBA - Legends and Other Histories) reveal the writer's new facet: the one of fictionist. This time the Author didn't need to appeal to the files to reestablish the past, nor to lean over on her historical annotations in I cover him of the desk. It was enough him the memory, so face the those that know live intensely your time, to portray us characters and situations of old Ubatuba.

The language of Washington de Oliveira summons the reader for exuberant passages and of rare expressive value. It is written down: ... fording torrential rivers and, shivering, they went straight ahead to evaporate in the body the wet clothes; eating badly or not eating anything; sleeping in ruined ranches of fishermen or under the lacy canopy any. - O APITO (THE WHISTLE).

Here are us before the territory for now dense and real, sometimes at biographical level, articulate for simple aesthetic sensibility. Fiction of the best to reveal the high construction degree that marks the writer's prose.

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Caraguatatuba Ilhabela São Sebastião Ubatuba


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