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Caraguatatuba Ilhabela São Sebastião Ubatuba

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Due to the misterious happenings in my former story, nobody else dared to come close to the "Enchanted Mountain" . Many years after the vanishing of friar Bartolomeu, a certain Captain Manoel Fernandes Corrêa established a beautiful ranch on the Praia Dura beach. One day, , Alice, Captain Correa's only daughter,went hunting in the vicinities. Seeing herself far from her fathers severe eyes, looking at that outstandingly beautiful scenario that unraveled itself before her virginal eyes, she inadvertently lost herself within the thickets . Suddenly an unexplainable sense of fear crossed that body of half an angel and half a woman. She ran, shouted , felt the strenght leaving her body and thorns tearing at her alabastrine skin. A last effort and she sunk unconscious to the ground.

At dusk, when the farm's bell rang sadly calling the slaves from their work to a frugal meal, Captain Correas despair over the disappearance of his daughter was unspeakable . He ordered the assembling of the black crowd and, for the first time in a suplicant and docile manner, that mercyless Lord declared that he would grant immediate freedom to the servant that would bring back his beloved daughter Alice as fast as possible.

Knowing well his callous heart only momentarily softened by the the disappearance of his daughter , the slaves gave his words no credit, but, since they worshipped Alice, an angelic and gentle child, they fiercely became obsessed in finding her.

Without taking any food and without hope for any kind of reward, each one went on his own errand trying to become the first to kiss " Nina Alice's " hand. Pedro, a powerful and robust slave suddenly halted his stride. His mind stupefied by years of abuse tried to remember his beloved woman and his two year old daughter sold by his mercyless Lord as a punishment. He considered to hide himself , going back the next day "without any news about Alice" but... - Alice! - that name repelled the idea of vengeance that was boiling in his simple minded but good natured brain. He hated the father but worshipped the daughter. His feelings overwhelmed anyting else. Drying the tears that flowed over his ebony face, he resumed his search.

Tired, he stopped. He sat down just a little to catch his breath, but soon was attracted by the rustling noise of dried leaves followed by a muted moan right near where he was. Getting cautiously closer he saw the white silhouette of a woman barely visible in the darkness.

- Nina Alice! - shouted the slave with his coarse and strong voice.

- Oh please save me! Get me out of here... Who is it? My father? Light ... I want light...

Hours later, nestled in Pedros's strong black arms , Alice was carried up the stairs of the farms "Casa Grande".

The horrors of slavery ! On the next day, Pedro exhausted by the efforts of that night was moaning under whiplashes while tied to the stake because he couldn't work.
Alice, knowing what was happening to her saviour demanded from her father what he had promised spontaneously on that night. Free at last, Pedro kissed the little hands of his "Nina Santa" and left without aim into the vicinities of the Corcovado and there he built his little shack beside a small whispering waterfall well near that misterious escarpment. The adventure of "Father Pedro " went from mouth to mouth. The black man always came to Ubatuba with small tubes of bamboo filled with grtains of gold that he exchanged for tobacco, cachaça and food supplies.

This news finally also arrived at the ranch of Capitão Corrêa, who doubted what people were saying but one day he saw by himself those barters. Filled with envy and greed, he decided to put his hands on that gold. One night, in company of his henchmen he went to Pedro's shack and took him to his farm. No sooner they arrived, Pedro was tortured to tell the whereabouts of his treasure.

- Mastah, .... Pedro can't tell because....

The whip shot across the wrinckled face of the man cutting off his sentence. Then, new tortures and terrible menaces until finally Pedro started to tell his story in his nasal and broad accent so peculiar to all black africans. He told them that he went to live on that lonely patch of land where they caught him until one day he learned that his beloved little white lady , mentor of his freedom , had died. Back in his shack, a deep sadness opressed his soul. Pedro stopped to hide a sob and dry a tear when the Captain bellowed:

- Go on Scoundrel !!!!

And Pedro shaking with fear went on with his story .
At night he couldn't sleep, he said, always seeming to hear far away the cristalline voice of his lady singing a lovely melody. And then one night the door of his shack suddenly flew open and he saw the diaphanous outline of a woman. It was Alice! As if tied by invisible hands he couldn't move, but clearly hear the visions voice saying:

- Pedro, one day you were my saviour. I gave you your freedom but I know that you are suffering in this exile wher my fathers cruelty has confined you. Don't be afraid and listen. Not very far from here hidden in the bowels of the earth there is a goldmine. It will be yours under the condition that you never tell anyone about its whereabouts. If you do so, the vengeance of the phantom that protects that mine will fall on you, you hear?

- So be careful and now follow me.

- Goddamned Nigger - bellowed the captain, open your mouth and tell me where it is !! Where is that treasure??

- Mastah... it is beyond that...

And the sound of a heavy body hitting the floor echoed through the great house . Pedro was dead, dead before he could tell about the place of that coveted treasure that still remains hidden in the vicinities of the Corcovado. Pedro said so well:
- Nigger can't tell...

Abridged from the book "Ubatuba - Lendas & Outras Estórias" (Ubatuba-Legends & Other Stories)
written by Washington de Oliveira ("seo" Filhinho)
authorized by the writer


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Caraguatatuba Ilhabela São Sebastião Ubatuba


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