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Mountain Bike

The coast of São Sebastião is a paradise for amateur and professional bikers. The ones who want to enjoy the proximity of nature, can roll along the prairies between the beaches. But then, the one who intends to exercise a little stronger, should try the slopes of the Rio - Santos highway, having the sight of the blue sea and white beaches as his background. Near the town's center an even harder piece of work can be found on the circuit that exists on the hill of the Porto Grande district already having been a scene for a eliminatory run for the State Championship.
The circuit is by the back of the district an one enters it by the street Rua Eduardo Cássio at the foot of the hill.


Maresias, Paúba and Camburi feature high breakers and provide the training grounds for São Paulo's surfers that prepare themselves for competitions in Hawaii. The stronger waves and tubes are found at the south corner of Maresias that break with finesse when the swell comes from the south and the wind blows from the east. At Paúba the surf is up only a few days of the year under special stormy conditions. Camburi is the more consistent one, depending of where the swell comes from, either south or east. Guaecá, Baleia and Juquehy are good proving grounds for beginners. For those who fancy a tough challenge, the strong waves of the isolated Praia Brava Beach are the ticket.


The isles along the coast of São Sebastião are traditional places to dive into the wonderful underwater environment. For less daring expeditions, beaches like Guaecá and Barequeçaba have cliffs with clear surrounding waters where beginners and children can dive on calm days. But the preferred scenery for those who are used to São Sebastião, is the environment of the Alcatrazes islands. The richness of its sea fauna was confirmed by several scientific expeditions, and every diver who had the opportunity to see it praises that it is unforgettable.

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