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Welcome to the Northern Shores of São Paulo
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São Sebastião Virtual Tour in São Sebastião Pontal da Cruz
Pontal da Cruz - The place holds a legend about the cross and the apricot-tree at its shore
Barequeçaba - Near downtown São Sebastião, it is a quite popular beach
Guaecá - High-end condos characterize this place
Brava do Guaecá - Secret surfer's paradise. Can be reached only with 4x4 vehicles
Toque-Toque Pequeno - Coarse and fluffy sands shining like gold in the sun
Santiago - For those who seek tranquility and nature
Paúba - Close rolling and fierce waves, great for surfers
Maresias - A surfers pilgrimage point, considered to be the "Copacabana Beach" of São Paulo
Boiçucanga - Rivals with Maresias for the attendance of youngsters with an intense nightlife
Camburi e Camburizinho - Artists and VIP's of São Paulo's top social circles attend its sands
Praia Preta - A short beach, nevertheless a monument of nature's beauty
Juquehy - With happy vacationers and ancient local residents on its shores
Barra do Una - Long beach beside Una Rivers that offers great structure seamanship
Praia do Engenho - When the sea is agitated, it favors practices of bodyboard

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