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There is a growing interest for ecological trailing and hiking, walking the old trails established by the native "caiçaras", putting the body in shape and getting to know the Mata Atlântica forest. Many are the paths that became real attractions. The mixing of sport and leisure by exploring trails is perhaps the activity that gathers more and more enthusiasts within this region.


Água Branca - High level of difficulty
  • It is a five hour trip passing by several waterfalls in the district of Sertão da Quina, such as the Corrêa, the Renata and Poço Verde falls, all of them located in the extreme south of Ubatuba. This walk right in the middle of the pristine jungle of the Serra do Mar range enchants the hiker with its beauty. One can observe several wild animals in their natural habitat. At the final destination a waterfall invites for a deserved and refreshing dive in its crisp waters.
Saco das Bananas - Easy level
  • The two hours lasting trail starts at the Caçandoca beach, at the end of the road of the Praia do Pulso beach. It passes by the Praia da Raposa and Brava do Frade beaches. Another option is to start at the Tabatinga passing by the Barra da Lagoa. There are ruins from colonial times on its path, but it is necessary to obtain a visiting permit from the owner of the land on which they are located. In the small native "caiçara" village one can meet descendants of the slaves that in the past worked on the regional farms and ranches.
Bonete - Medium level
  • In less than two hours the Bonete trail takes you to the most picturesque fishing village of Ubatuba. Following the ocean border, the hikers start at the Lagoinha and pass by the Perez, Prainha, Bonete and Grande do Bonete beaches. The easiest option can be done in less than an hour. More tricky is to follow up until the Fortaleza to the Bonete passing by the Praia do Deserto beaches, in an approximately tour of two hours.
Corcovado - High level of difficulty
  • The trail to Ubatuba's most famous peak, the Corcovado ("Hunchback"), is hard. To reach the top of this 1150 meter high mountain, between rivers and waterfalls. A team takes about 8 hours. There are two trail options. The first is by the south side starting from the Praia Dura and passing through the Corcovado wilderness. It is steeper, almost a climbing. The other option, coming from the north, starts at the Cachoeira dos Macacos falls near the Horto Florestal tree farm,and is an easier but longer trail.
Sete Fontes - Easy level
  • Through the paths that he cut by himself through the forest, the engineer and entrepreneur George Sisla attracts groups of tourists to the Praia de Sete Fontes beach, where one of the main attractions is the Stoatoa Bar, a picturesque and well sought after place during the main season. The Sete Fontes beach is about 450 meters long, with clean sands and clear waters and access by boat or trail. The tour starts from the Saco da Ribeira cove, passes by the Flamengo beach and follows a path cut through virgin forest, passing by a 50 meter deep cave, one of the few in the region.
Praia do Sul - Easy level
  • For those who want to cross the Praia do Presídio until the Praia do Sul beach on the Anchieta Island, one can follow the trail used by the prison inmates during their forced labours before the prison was closed in the Fifties. The hikers travel to the island by schooners that departure from the Saco da Ribeira cove and Praia do Itaguá beach. Another trail takes the visitor to the east coast passing through the old caserne. Its advisable to check first with the tour operators about the trail conditions and get a permit from the authorities who take care of the park. The Praia do Sul trail is well outlined and needs no help of a guide.
Ponta Grossa - Easy level
  • Arriving at the Ponta Grossa Lighthouse takes a one and a half hour walk on a little road that starts at the Praia do Tenório passing by the Praia Vermelha do Centro and Praia do Cedro beaches. From its belvedere one can see a great part of the town and several other beaches. It can be done safely without a guide.

Monte Valério - Easy level
  • Within the park of the same name, this trail can be done by car or by foot. Its an alternative access to the southern part of the county for those who want o avoid the the crowding and traffic jam of the Praia Grande during the holiday season. It offers a panoramic view of the Perequê-Açu beach and part of downtown Ubatuba.
Hints for a nice trip:
  • First of all, one shall respect the environment.
  • Avoid littering and keep the vegetation as it is.
  • Do not hassle the animals and respect the the boundaries of the trails that frequently pass through private properties.
  • Use light clothes, such as jumpsuits, t-shirts, bathing suits, sneakers thick socks and headgear.
  • Do not forget insect reppelent spray or lotions, water canteen and other indispensable personal objects.
  • On overnight stays in groups, use longsleeves, jeans, top-boots, sleeping bags or quilts, food and carry a first-aid kit.


The Hawaiians invented surfing. The "Ubatubans" feel obliged. The great navigator James Cook described the strange sport he saw in 1778 when visiting the islands. The habit of "riding" waves conquered the world when a Hawaiian became an olympic swimming champion and divulged surfing internationally, for it helped him with the training his victory. Duke Khamanoku became the first international surfstar conquering North Americans, Europeans and Australians. After him generations of champions followed his steps.

In the Seventies, the wave hit Ubatuba with full strength. From then on, "hot-doggers" like Tadeu Pereira and Ricardo Toledo showed their expertise. The town hosts important local, national and world championships.

Tadeu Pereira a local surfer who took part in several international championships, states that Itamambuca are rolling the best waves for competitions. "The wave is not fast nor fat, with sides for strong and gentle maneuvering. There are good right-side waves rolling to the beach". It's not for nothing that Ubatuba attained the status of "World Capital of Surf".

General Sports Activities

The conditions in Ubatuba are an invitation to the practice of various maritime sports. National and Worldwide contests for Boxing, Surfing, Sport and Aerobatic Flying, Mountain Biking, Triathlon, Biathlon, Paraglider, Trail, Jet-Sky and Swimming are held regularly

The town also promotes Canoe Racing, Basketball, Volley and Indoor Soccer contests. The training sessions are held in the "Tubão" Sport Stadium in downtown Ubatuba.

The soccer games happen in the Estádio Municipal Ciccillio Matarazzo, at the Perequê-Açu beach and in several other smaller districtal soccer fields .

Diving and sailing count with organized groups, yacht clubs and support services. Sportive angling is coming back strong with championships at the Vermelha do Norte beach. Sports for all ages can be observed being practicized in Ubatuba's daily life.

Future surfing "hotrods" improve their skills in the municipal Surf School created by the surfing oldtimer José Alberto Jacob, a.k.a. "Jacó", born in Ubatuba and a forerunner of this sport in the county. Perfect waves attract pros and amateurs from all over the world. In Ubatuba the visitor can surf on the waves of the Félix, Itamambuca or Praia Grande beaches and meet experts like Tadeu Pereira, Ricardo Toledo and Daniel Hardman.

Skydiving Boogie

Jet Sky Championship

Surfing School

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