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Welcome to the Northern Shores of Săo Paulo
Mary´s Chalés Chalés da Ruth - Praia do Lázaro Truckmodelismo Brasil

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Domingas Dias Praia do Lázaro Beach Sununga
Fifteen Kms. from downtown, with easy access, being one paved and all others through narrow streets, Lázaro beach has fine and white sands, full with fair people, calm and cristal clear seas.

Unforgettable summer nights.
The kiosks at the shoreline serve appetizers and cold coconut water in its shell. Lázaro beach gives access to two other beaches with distinct features: to the right, the placid Domingas Dias beach forms together with Lázaro a postcardlike group.

To its left the small Sununga beach features vigorous waves hitting its sands and also holds the legendary "Crying Cave".
Praia do Lázaro
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Praia do Lázaro      Praia do Lázaro - Emilio Campi      Praias do Lázaro e Sununga     Praia do Lázaro- Emilio Campi


Chalés da Ruth - Chalés planejados para seu lazer, com total conforto
Hotel Solar das Águas Cantantes - Ambiente agradável em estilo colonial
Pousada Ana Doce - Conforto e a
mbiente agradável na Praia do Lázaro
Sununga Flats - Um flat do tamanho ideal para vocę e sua família


Hotel Solar das Águas Cantantes - Especialidade em moquecas e frutos do mar

Beaches | Lodging | Restaurants | Shopping | Services | Maps | History | Sport | Yachting | Legends | Access Roads
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