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Pulso Praia da Maranduba Beach Lagoinha
One of the most developed beaches of Ubatuba, Maranduba is located 25 Km from downtown and has a life of its own with a commercial center, kiosks, hotels, lodges, gas stations, newsstands and a branch of City Hall.

Its shore competes with Praia Grande beach for the title of the most sought after place of the region. With an intense nightlife, small and cozy bars and kiosks with live music. With its neighbour, the Lagoinha beach it forms one of the longest shorelines of Ubatuba.

Starting point to beaches such as Praia do Perez, Bonete, Grande do Bonete (to the north), Caçandoca, Caçandoquinha and Pulso.

Departure point to several waterfalls within the Sertão da Quina hinterland, such as the Corrêa and Agua Branca (Whitewater) falls.
Praia da Maranduba
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Pescador em Maranduba      Maranduba     Escuna em Maranduba II     Amanhecer em Maranduba II

     Canoa em Maranduba     Praia da Maranduba     Ilhote Maranduba, Pulso e Caçandoca - Emilio Campi

Praia da Maranduba - Emilio Campi     Barra da Maranduba     Aurora em Maranduba     Ilha da Maranduba

Domingo em Maranduba - Emilio Campi     Domingo em Maranduba - Emilio Campi      Praia da Maranduba - Luciano Cancelier     Ilha da Maranduba ©Luciano Cancelier

Amanhacer na Maranduba ©Luciano Cancelier

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